Choosing the right Snow Studs carbides for your sled is easy to do and will greatly affect your riding enjoyment. 
Some of the factors to consider are terrain, riding style and experience as well as the brand of sled you ride. The number and type type of studs you’ve installed needs to be remembered as well. 
Ideally, you’ll be able to set the sled up for carbide runners and studs at the same time. Snowstuds Racing Products offers an extensive line of snowmobile traction products… from our aggressively designed Magnum Racing Series 60° bars to our double down carbides with twice the carbide as our competition. Our easy to use application chart will provide all of the information you’ll need to know regarding Accord traction products for all types of types of sleds going back 10 years. 
To maximize your snowmobiling excitement, our carbide runners are available in three styles in varying lengths to satisfy even the most demanding riders. 
  • Snowstuds Racing Magnum Series 60° Carbide Runners are our most popular and aggressive along with being the toughest on the market. These carbide runners provide tenacious bite and are a great choice for more aggressive riders who are looking for tight cornering and superb handling. With features that don’t quit like large 2” pieces of 60° turning carbide, front and rear wear pads and carbide brazing on 4 surfaces, these runners are hard to beat and are available for all makes of snowmobiles in 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” lengths. 
  • Snowstuds Racing Sport Series 90° Carbides are designed for a more traditional riding style and offer longer wear for less maintenance. These runners provide 6” of 90° turning carbide and are ideal for the less aggressive or novice rider. They are supplied with long mounting bolts which mount right in the original ski holes, have front and rear wear pads and are designed for all types of snowmobiles. 
  • Snowstuds Racing Double Down Carbide Runners help eliminate darting. That means your sled will not want to follow in the grooves of the sleds ahead. This makes for an easier riding sled with less fatigue for the longer distance riders. With extra-long mounting bolts for easy installation, it’s like adding power steering to your sled. These double down wear bars also eliminate ice dams so you won’t need to worry about “floating skis” anymore.

How to Select Carbide Runners

  1. Remove the old carbide runner from your ski. 
  2. Line up the bolts of your new Snow Studs carbide runner with the holes in your ski. If the bolts of your runner don’t line up, you can use a deep well socket with a 3/8 extension to slightly bend the bolts. 
  3. If the runner does not easily slide into the holes, use a rubber mallet to lightly hammer on the runner bar. Do not use a metal hammer as this could chip or fracture the runner. 
  4. Screw the nuts on the ski in an even manner to uniformly draw the runner into the ski. 
  5. Torque the nuts to the proper specification. 
Carbide Runners Mounting Tip 
The front end of the runner must fit tightly into the opening or recess of the ski which is designed to accept the carbide runner. Failure to follow this procedure can result in injury or sled damage.